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C Lanclos, Lanclos Limited, Lanclos

Humble Beginnings

C Lanclos, originally from the small Cajun town of Opelousas, LA is Founder and CEO of Lanclos Limited, LLC. He is a serial entrepreneur and, since the 1990's, he and his family started and exited over a dozen small businesses from Louisiana to New York to Istanbul, Turkey. You would think that his long string of success began with a wonderful and supportive upbringing, but, that is far from the truth. He began developing his entrepreneurial spirit on the farms throughout Southwest, Louisiana, while being raised in foster homes and orphanages at the age of five years old. Even though Lanclos loathed being separated from his parents and nine siblings, he eventually realized that it was the best thing for him. More importantly, he instinctively knew that he would also need to change something on the inside in order to overcome such a difficult childhood. So, he decided to change the view he had of himself. He simply redefined his situation as, "It was much better to be from a broken home than to be in one." This single new vision set into motion the absolute belief that his humble beginnings would someday become an asset for him and not a liability.

Opportunity Knocks

In 1989, Lanclos fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of moving to the Big Apple and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Even though he did not make it in showbusiness, his time there was incredibly valuable to his business career. Throughout the time Lanclos was in New York, he was behind the scenes to billions of dollars’ worth of investment transactions under a very large international family-office. Because of Lanclos' ability to overcome incredible odds, the principal of this family-office saw potential in him and took him under his wing. With billions of AUM and holdings in Italy, Monaco and the United States, Lanclos was exposed to a very large number of ultra high net-worth individuals and a treasure-chest of their investment philosophies. He learned how to facilitate proprietary deal flow, identify talent investing and fundraising within the UHNWI world. Lanclos witnessed firsthand why you must always bet on the jockey, the people, when investing in companies. Even though this was a volunteered position, this was an educational opportunity that Lanclos marks as priceless throughout his business career. He understands that analytics and scalability are very important issues to consider in partnerships, but never to replace shaking hands with business owners and understanding their vision of the future, first. This tried and true philosophy of investing in people is the framework in which their investment thesis is deeply rooted.  Lanclos only partners with financial/strategic partners who believe in this same philosophy of putting people first. When Lanclos and his family are not helping business owners grow their companies they are doing whatever they can to make their community a better place for everyone.

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