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Lanclos Limited is an exclusive investment house

investing in the best and the brightest

entrepreneurs in their industries.


     MEET THE FOUNDER;  Lanclos, C is originally from a small Cajun town in Louisiana and is the founder and CEO of Lanclos Limited. After spending most of his childhood growing up in a multitude of foster homes and orphanages, Lanclos followed through with one of his earlier visions of moving to New York City. During the time that he was there, Lanclos studied business at Baruch College, and during his senior year, he invented and patented a unique computer device, the PC-PaperClip. Before a featured article in the NY Times that brought in much-needed capital to scale up his company, Lanclos experienced, as many entrepreneurs do, the daunting task of raising funds.  Considering that the word quitting has never been part of his vocabulary, Lanclos did not give up on his invention, and, as the old saying goes, the rest is history.

   FROM ENTREPRENEUR TO INVESTOR; After numerous family business ventures, coupled with his network of seasoned co-investment partners, Lanclos has implemented his own bespoke vision of investing, where business owners are viewed as the most important asset to partnerships. Depending on their specific needs for expansion, both human and financial resources are specifically catered to helping each business owner build best-in-class companies. Annually, Lanclos seeks to make only several exclusive investments across all industries. As the tip of the spear in their selection process, he personally seeks out owners of exceptional mid-market companies with revenues up to $1 Billion. Smaller companies may be considered if they can be brought under the umbrella of a larger platform company as add-ons.  Considering Lanclos' personal ambition to discover that diamond in the rough, do not be surprised to receive a personal invitation from Lanclos himself to have a conversation about helping scale up your company.

Have I been made for this, to lie under the 

blankets and keep myself warm?

- Marcus Aurelius -

Cassie Monaco
"Lanclos is one of the kindest people I have met in the invest realm.  Lanclos' authentic nature and willingness to help entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors is a rarity in the invest world."
Cassie M.

L A N C L O S.

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